Hape Gearhead Stunt Garage

$200/4 weeks


< 4 weeks – $200

Deposit : $500

Size / pieces : 58 cm x 19 cm x 50 cm

Brand : Hape

If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

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The Hape Gearhead Stunt Garage playset has a working elevator to transport your toy cars to the upper parking levels. From the top, it’s a race to the bottom with fantastic stunt ramp action. The set includes pretend charging ports to power your electric vehicles, a turning knob to choose the service needed at the service center, and two fast, free-wheeling toy cars to play with.

Put your cars on the line and send them back to the bottom with one of two stunt ramps. Time how cars can make it down the spiral ramp and compete with one another. Or let the 360° anti-gravity loop track hurl them back down and make a gravity-defying loop or stunt jump at the end! Busy drivers will be coming and going in every direction keeping your child entertained for hours.